Noorenberghe Family

Désiré Leopold NoorenbergheAge: 75 years18491924

Désiré Leopold Noorenberghe
Given names
Désiré Leopold

Desiderius Leopold Noorenberghe

Desiderius Leopold Noorenberghe
Given names
Desiderius Leopold
Birth May 20, 1849 41 45
Death of a fatherPierre François Noorenberghe
September 11, 1854 (Age 5 years)
Death of a motherJeanne Therese Colette Ameloot
September 13, 1862 (Age 13 years)
Marriage of a siblingCarolus Ludovicus VienneNatalia Sophia NoorenbergheView this family
November 20, 1879 (Age 30 years)
Birth of a daughter
Marina Noorenberghe
June 18, 1886 (Age 37 years)
Marriage of a siblingHenricus Jacobus Ludovicus PlanckeelNatalia Sophia NoorenbergheView this family
October 16, 1889 (Age 40 years)
Marriage of a siblingPetrus Jacobus NoorenbergheRosalia Amelia TiquetView this family
November 18, 1891 (Age 42 years)
MarriageElodie Eugenie RooryckView this family
May 20, 1895 (Age 46 years)
Birth of a son
Henri Alexis Noorenberghe
March 6, 1896 (Age 46 years)
Publication: Glendinning Printing, Delhi, Ontario

ResidenceElodie Eugenie RooryckView this family
from 1895 to 1896 (Age 45 years)
Address: Houtemstraat
ResidenceElodie Eugenie RooryckView this family
1896 (Age 46 years)
Address: Ekestraat 17
Note: Désiré bought a new farm in 1896 and there was a house 20 metres away for family.
Birth of a son
Michel Camille Noorenberghe
August 21, 1900 (Age 51 years)
Death of a sonMichel Camille Noorenberghe
May 1, 1901 (Age 51 years)

Death of a sisterNatalia Sophia Noorenberghe
January 13, 1923 (Age 73 years)
Death May 20, 1924 (Age 75 years)

Publication: Located in Gyverinkhove, Belgium
Family with parents - View this family
Marriage: September 9, 1840Vinkem, Flandre, BEL
2 years
elder brother
23 months
elder brother
Desiderius Leopoldus Noorenberghe
Birth: September 5, 1844 36 40Vinkem, Flandre, BEL
Death: October 11, 1844Vinkem, Flandre, BEL
17 months
elder sister
3 years
Family with Elodie Eugenie Rooryck - View this family
Marriage: May 20, 1895Vinkem, Flandre, BEL
-9 years
Funeral Cards - Marina NoorenbergheMarina Noorenberghe
Birth: June 18, 1886 37 23Vinkem, Flandre, BEL
Death: September 5, 1957Veurne, Flandre, BEL
10 years
Funeral Cards - Henri NoorenbergheHenri Alexis Noorenberghe
Birth: March 6, 1896 46 33Gyverinkhove, Flandre, BEL
Death: January 24, 1963Strathroy, Ontario, CAN
4 years

BurialGravestone-Desire, Elodie, & Marina Noorenberghe
Publication: Located in Gyverinkhove, Belgium
SourceDatabanken Akten West-Vlaanderen
Location Microfilm: Vinkem Year: Date: 20/05/1895 Record: 17 Groom: NOORENBERGHE Désiré Leopold Bride: ROORYCK Elodie Eugenie Father Groom: Mother Groom: Father Bride: Mother Bride:
Désiré bought a new farm in 1896 and there was a house 20 metres away for family. The farm had a barn for working with flax and it was taken down after some time.
Media objectGravestone for Desire, Marina & Elodie NoorenbergheGravestone for Desire, Marina & Elodie Noorenberghe
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Type: Tombstone
Note: Stavele, Alveringem