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Funeral Cards - Elodie-Eugenie Rooryck

Elodie Eugenie RooryckAge: 81 years18621944

Elodie Eugenie Rooryck
Given names
Elodie Eugenie
Married name
Elodie Eugenie Noorenberghe

Elodia Eugenia Rooryck

Elodia Eugenia Rooryck
Given names
Elodia Eugenia
Birth October 31, 1862 46 37
Death of a fatherAlexander Ludovicus Rooryck
July 2, 1871 (Age 8 years)
Birth of a daughter
Marina Noorenberghe
June 18, 1886 (Age 23 years)
MarriageDésiré Leopold NoorenbergheView this family
May 20, 1895 (Age 32 years)
Death of a motherAnna Theresia Luyssen
after 1895 (Age 32 years)

Birth of a son
Henri Alexis Noorenberghe
March 6, 1896 (Age 33 years)
Publication: Glendinning Printing, Delhi, Ontario
ResidenceDésiré Leopold NoorenbergheView this family
from 1895 to 1896 (Age 32 years)
Address: Houtemstraat
ResidenceDésiré Leopold NoorenbergheView this family
1896 (Age 33 years)
Address: Ekestraat 17
Note: Désiré bought a new farm in 1896 and there was a house 20 metres away for family.
Birth of a son
Michel Camille Noorenberghe
August 21, 1900 (Age 37 years)
Death of a sonMichel Camille Noorenberghe
May 1, 1901 (Age 38 years)

Death of a husbandDésiré Leopold Noorenberghe
May 20, 1924 (Age 61 years)

Death February 27, 1944 (Age 81 years)
Publication: Located in Gyverinkhove, Belgium
Family with parents - View this family
Marriage: 1854Sint-Rijkers, Flandre, BEL
9 years
Family with Désiré Leopold Noorenberghe - View this family
Marriage: May 20, 1895Vinkem, Flandre, BEL
-9 years
Funeral Cards - Marina NoorenbergheMarina Noorenberghe
Birth: June 18, 1886 37 23Vinkem, Flandre, BEL
Death: September 5, 1957Veurne, Flandre, BEL
10 years
Funeral Cards - Henri NoorenbergheHenri Alexis Noorenberghe
Birth: March 6, 1896 46 33Gyverinkhove, Flandre, BEL
Death: January 24, 1963Strathroy, Ontario, CAN
4 years

BurialGravestone-Desire, Elodie, & Marina Noorenberghe
Publication: Located in Gyverinkhove, Belgium
SourceDatabanken Akten West-Vlaanderen
Location Microfilm: Vinkem Year: Date: 20/05/1895 Record: 17 Groom: NOORENBERGHE Désiré Leopold Bride: ROORYCK Elodie Eugenie Father Groom: Mother Groom: Father Bride: Mother Bride:
Désiré bought a new farm in 1896 and there was a house 20 metres away for family. The farm had a barn for working with flax and it was taken down after some time.
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Note: Stavele, Alveringem